‘It was a nice idea, but …’ Europeans on what went wrong with the EU

On its 60th birthday, people from Sweden to Bulgaria with doubts about the EU speak their mind about whether the project is worth pursuing

A triple-A rating is more important than solidarity. Were digging our own grave

Constanze Clever. Photograph: Sddeutsche Zeitung

A few months ago, I was chatting with my husbands work colleague in a beer garden. It was about eastern Europe and the question of why those countries take so few refugees. The colleague came from Poland. He was of the view that in Europe we should first and foremost look after ourselves.

In particular, he didnt want Muslims to be allowed in. According to him, they are a threat to the Christian identity of Europe.

So of course we clashed about this Im a fan of open borders, and I find it unbelievable when people oppose open borders while personally benefiting from them. To be able to move freely is a basic right, and the essence of Europe.

In the conversation, it became clear to me: we are both Europeans, but we come from different worlds. For us in Germany, things have gone well materially in the past 10 years. In Poland, things are different. That is why it is important that we reduce the imbalance.

But were not doing that. Why must Greece pay such high interest rates on the capital market? Rich Germany pays virtually nothing. We Europeans are under the thumb of financial markets. A triple-A rating is more important than solidarity. So were digging our own grave. Unless justice quickly assumes precedence over the economy again, we wont have the EU much longer. That would be a nightmare.

Constanze Clever, 33, hairdresser, Germany

I hate the ever encroaching political union its a vanity project

Gerard Richardson. Photograph: Gerard Richardson

I dont think Europe as a group of countries has ever really been able to unite. Cultures, opinions, approaches to everything, from business to foreign relations, are so diverse.

Trade, on the other hand now thats a really good harmoniser. People can agree on that far, far more easily. So I liked the idea after the war of uniting around trade. It didnt have to be complicated, and at first it wasnt. But then we started down the road to political union.

Thats what I hate: ever encroaching political union. Europe has become a vanity exercise for politicians with too much ambition. The euro was vanity, not based on economic reality. Im not an isolationist, far from it, but I really, honestly do not believe good government can ever come from too large and diverse a group of politicians.

Look at the hopelessly divided approach to problems like Greece, or the migrant crisis. Its a disaster. The EU cant even agree on where to host its own parliament.

There are good parts: free movement, thats obviously a benefit. But its all so badly managed. And I dont believe the EU has prevented war; Nato did that. If they turned the clock back to the EEC being just a free market alone, then I would be more than happy to stay engaged. They should take the politics out of Europe. It worked as a trading bloc, but not as this.

Gerard Richardson, 55, fine wine merchant and coffee roaster, UK

It sows a mentality that theres always money but billions have disappeared

Graca Ramos. Photograph: Sddeutsche Zeitung

First of all, the EU has been a great thing for both my countries, Portugal and Spain. The other European countries brought us back to life (after decades of dictatorship). Thats why the vast majority of Spaniards and Portuguese tend to be pro-European. Europe has pumped a lot of money into our countries.

On the one hand the EU has brought positive economic developments, on the other hand there have been negative consequences. It sows a mentality that there is always money. We have lost sight of what it is to save. People havent been watching closely enough where all these billions have gone. The economies of both countries have slumped because there hasnt been effective control over the way this money has been spent.

As a Portuguese woman Im worried about a two speed Europe . Does that mean the small countries will be put aside and suspended? We feel as a small country both protected and accepted within the EU and I hope that that doesnt change. The Eurosceptic voices in other countries worry me a lot. We must all ask ourselves what we have done wrong.

Graa Ramos, 40, theatre administrator, Spain

Nations have no rights. The EU took over everything

Jozsefne Varadi. Photograph: La Stampa

The nations have no rights. The EU completely took over and everything has to happen here as they wish.

But the EU has a lot of advantages too. We entered to EU so we have to accept a lot of things, I admit, but they should give more independence to nations.

Every time the government wants to decrease utility costs or taxes, or create more workplaces to let us breathe a little bit easier, they have a problem with it. Im with the nation with all my heart. I do everything. I help campaign. Im a member of the Fidesz party since its foundation. I consider this government good and fair. Our prime minister needs a lot of bravery to stand up like this for the nation.

Did you see what happened here during the prime ministers speech? Did you see the people whistling? They think this is not a democracy, but if I had done the same when Ferenc Gyurcsany was prime minister, if I had used my whistle, they would have shot me.

Jozsefne Varadi, 87, pensioner, Hungary

Erasmus, the euro, are just sweets with a bitter aftertaste

Luca Carabetta. Photograph: Luca Carabetta/La Stampa

They draw lines on a map, take decisions from on high, and then, if they dont work, they use every economic excuse possible to justify them as necessary to maintain the unity and progress.

I am an energy engineer, a young entrepreneur from the Erasmus generation. I was born when Italy joined Schengen, in 1990, and you could leave your passport in the drawer to travel with family, or later to see friends in France, Germany, Denmark. Yet my Euroscepticism began when I was young, in my town of ButtiglieraAlta, near Turin. I saw the No-Tav movement (against high speed rail) grow in my valley, the Susa valley, I started studying and concluded that the projects tied to the European corridors were conceived in an office in Brussels, far away from local communities and their needs.

I believe Europe is an extreme concession of sovereignty, which flattens diversity and national identities built throughout history. I do not agree with the economic homogeneity that binds the EU together. Does that seem strange from a young person with foreign friends? Absolutely not. Beppe Grillos Five Star Movement has shown me a clear path for what I always thought, and thats why I vote for it.

In these years, Brussels has not been able to create a common welfare system, no citizens feel like Europe is closer, notwithstanding the sharing of pseudo-values and the currency. Erasmus, the euro, are sweets with a bitter aftertaste. Unitary economics, so far, has penalised us. Unitary politics, for me, does not represent us, the citizens.

Luca Carabetta, 27, tech CEO, Italy

Europe was a nice idea, but globalist politics and the euro have killed us

Luc Defrance. Photograph: Cyril Bitton

Im a wheat farmer from northern France. Thats to say Im one of those people said to be very rich, living off subsidies, smoking a big cigar. In reality, I started work at 16, have worked like a dog for 50 years and am now ruined. I realised we were finished so I sold my operation last June.

Europe was a nice idea, but its the globalist politics that has killed us that and the euro. In the rest of the world, other countries can devalue their currency and become competitive. With the euro, we are trapped. Marine Le Pen is right we should get out of it.

Europe is just all restrictions and rules. You have to keep records on crop treatments and be careful about employment rules. You are bothered on all fronts. And the slightest mistake could cost you 10,000 in CAP aid, and thats a catastrophe.

In any case, theyre reducing the aid. In 2010, I got 100,000 in basic grants; last year it was 52,000, and soon there wont be any more. Doing a job that depend on grants is not healthy. Europe would do better to create a safety net and fix prices rather than grants.

Luc Defrance, 66, farmer, France

Many Dutch people feel powerless and angry. It is time to rediscover our identity

Joost Niemller. Photograph: Katrien Mulder

As well as books I write a blog called De Nieuwe Realist (the new realist). Europe is a land endowed with a rich civilisation. It works because it is based on the nation states, and yet its goal is to dismantle nation states, which would signify the end of European democracy. That is why many Dutch people, possibly even a majority, would like to leave the EU.

People want to take back control and decide their own future. Mass immigration is a serious problem. Many Dutch people feel powerless and angry. It is time for the Netherlands to rediscover its identity.

Joost Niemller, 60, writer, the Netherlands

The Eurosceptics in my family are happy that Russia is stepping up strongly

Rozalina Laskova. Photograph: Zdravko Yonchev/Sddeutsche Zeitung

I cant imagine Europe without the EU and am in favour of more integration. But I sometimes forget that other Bulgarians do not think like that. I have Eurosceptics in my own family, like my mother and aunt, who are bigger supporters of Russian culture, like a lot of Bulgarians. They see and read the same Bulgarian media which speak of the supposed all-encompassing manipulation of our country by Brussels and Washington. My aunt Maria asked me mockingly whether I also get money from the Americans. They are happy that Russia is stepping up so strongly.

Rozalina Laskova, 34, cultural adviser, Bulgaria

I would like to do a Swexit just like in the UK

Andreas berg Photograph: Andreas berg

The EU started as something different. In the beginning it was a good thing, a peacekeeping operation. But it has grown into something else: a massive, undemocratic monster, lots of people doing nothing to benefit the voters in their respective countries.

It seems to me more than half of the laws in Sweden are not decided by the Swedish government but by the EU. We vote for the government but if it doesnt have the majority of the power, how can that be democratic?

We choose representatives for the EU parliament, but I dont believe thats democratic either the ones who really affect what happens are not democratically elected. I havent read all the EU laws, only some of them, and some may benefit Sweden but many dont.

I work in the construction industry and we have seen a shift towards what they have in the UK, where people from the poorer countries come to work for you, and they do it for lower wages.

The main problem with the EU is that it incorporates loads of countries, and they are so vastly different in every way: welfare, economics, everything. To correct this the EU will have to make the richer countries poorer. So I would like to do a Swexit have a referendum like in the UK, and leave.

Andreas berg, 52, construction worker, Sweden

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This Is How I’ll Miss You On New Year’s

The clock ticks closer and closer to mark the beginning of the New Year. Its only 11:37 at night and there is alcohol streaming up and down the veins of my body. Im trying to have a good time, and there is no reason why I shouldnt be having a good time. We just finished the year of 2015. We all worked hard, we didnt die or contract some scathing disease. Everyone around me is having a blast; the last games of beer pong and flip cup are ending as the clock ticks closer and closer to midnight.

I am trying my hardest to live in the present moment, to maybe try and make out with the girl thats been hanging around me all night or maybe go get another drink or go to the dance floor.

At 11:59 my mind races and flashes back to New Years Eve of 2014. At 11:59 your sweet words that you painted on me just 12 months ago haunt me and make it completely impossible to lay my lips on some other girl.

I never wanted to picture a reality where I dont start 2016 without you but in one minute that reality will become entirely true.

Last year on New Years Eve you told me that we were perfect for each other. That you didnt like me at first but that you could see us together for a very long time. Last year on New Years Eve you told me that you and I were compatible, mentally, and sexually. You told me that no one makes you feel the way I made you feel. Last year on New Years Eve you told me that I make you trip, and that you wanted me all for yourself.

And this New Years Eve I can only imagine who it is that you are going to kiss at midnight.

I can only imagine what it would be like to still be with you, especially on a night like this.

But even that thought is useless. The girl who told me all those things last year literally doesnt exist anymore, and I miss her every day. Its 11:59 and it dawns on me that I am just some guy who it didnt work out with; nothing less nothing more.

I am feeling so much, but so little at the same time. It’s 11:59 and Ive never felt so powerless in my entire life. Ive never wanted to share in the presence of another human being so badly that it literally hurts. And thats the awkward part, knowing that you and I are breathing the same air. We both look at the same night sky, but we are both so far away. At 11:59 I begin to miss the Snapchats I used to receive from you. I begin to miss your little hands, and your brown hair. At 11:59 I suddenly remember what the perfume you used to put on smells like. I compare the scent of your perfume to the girl standing in front of me looking into my eyes because she wants me to be her new year’s kiss, and it doesnt suffice.

I am trying to figure out why lightning has a better chance of striking my left thumb twice than our stars aligning ever again. I am trying to figure out how I still have this fire inside of my heart that burns eternally bright at a temperature hot enough to melt the strongest of steel metals. Even though you left me behind many months ago I am going to bring you into 2016 with me.

So even though I wish that you still thought about me, even though I wish you still looked at our old texts, even though I wish a picture of you and I together existed in your eyes when that clock turns to midnight I will again realize that nothing has changed. I am going to keep that memory of you, the old you. Ill hold on to it tight, and kiss that girl whos been hanging around me all night at this party, and Ill just pretend that it was you.

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David Limbaugh sets up Brit Hume for the spike against Trump

Author and syndicated columnist David Limbaugh went back and forth with Donald Trump supporters on Twitter today, arguing that the idea that Ted Cruz was somehow trying to steal the election from Trump by attempting to win 1,237 delegates was “entitlement thinking.”Eventually he’d had enough of arguing.

That’s French for “BOOM.”

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A letter to … my father, who I can’t stand to be around when he’s drunk

The letter you always wanted to write

I always felt foolish saying the words: “My father is an alcoholic.” You really weren’t drinking that much, but when you were drunk and started ranting – at society and incompetent politicians, at everything that annoyed you – my skin prickled with fear and all I wanted was to run away: from you, from a home that felt unsafe, from the verbal abuse and the threat of physical violence that never broke out, but which filled our flat like a vile smell.

A little later, your marriage breaks down, and I leave for university. Over the course of almost eight years, our relationship changes. You visit every so often, but I still hate to be around you when you get drunk. My boyfriend watches you drink two litres of beer with a single meal, then drive a car. He’s incredulous.

I’m glad you’re part of my life, but I worry about you almost non-stop. You get diagnosed with diabetes; patches of your skin turn black. One morning not so very long ago, I stand at a bus stop and listen to some music. My phone picks a shanty-song about a bunch of Vikings attending the funeral of a friend, a sad song that you like a lot. Without warning, a brutal thought cracks into my head: if you keep going the way you are, I will have to play this song for your funeral in a few years.

Then, one lazy Saturday morning just before I was due to go away for a few weeks, the phone rings – it’s you. You’re very composed and tell me: “I’m at the hospital. Please don’t worry.” I sit bold upright, thinking: “What has the alcohol done to you now?” My heart beats like a drum, but I manage to understand what you tell me. You have decided to stop drinking. A few days ago, you admitted yourself to a detox programme.

I’m dumbstruck. A few minutes later, my boyfriend finds me crying uncontrollably with relief and the bottled-up pain of being the daughter of an alcoholic for many years. Two days later, I visit you in the clinic. I need to see you before I leave for my trip and tell you that I will support you.

Since then, our relationship has healed. I got to know the man you really are: kind and considerate, intelligent, a joy to talk to, a rock to turn to when life gets tumultuous. We became friends. You rekindled your relationship with your first daughter, and recently, I met my half-sister and her family for the first time.

I can hardly believe how well things have turned out. Sometimes, that makes me sad. I wonder what my life could have been like, growing up with you for a father, instead of with the man that let alcohol strip away all the goodness from him.

It has been over a year since you stopped drinking, and I am proud of you beyond words. And yet, there are moments when I feel as if I am living in a dream. A part of me still mistrusts our newfound happiness and wonders, what if it doesn’t last? What if, some day, I call you and the old aggressiveness is back, the old impatience to find something to drink, the old dismissiveness of almost everyone but you? I’m scared of that day. How I would cope with the pain of losing you, I cannot tell.

Please don’t take yourself away from me again.

Yours, loving, your daughter.


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9 Cute Sister Dates You Need To Go On With Your Other Half This Fall

Fall is such a cozy season. As the weather outside gets cooler, we surround ourselves with things that keep us warm, like lattes, bonfires, pumpkin pie, and most especially, family. Nothing makes us feel more prepared to take on fall than planning cutedates to go on with your sister, especially if she happens to double as your best friend.

The change of the seasons is truly so muchbetter when you have a partner in crime to check seasonal activities off your bucket list with. I’m already in the spirit, TBH. Here are nine fun ideas for activities when you’re looking for the perfect sister hang this season.

1. Buy School Supplies At A Discount

Even if you’re not in school anymore, everyone loves shopping for new pens and notebooks. Take advantage of the back to school sales to restock all of your favorite school supplies for your school or work desk. You and your sister can take a cue from Joe Fox in and buy each other a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils.

2. Go Apple Picking For Baking Fun

Sure, everyone is going pumpkin picking this fall, but apples are in season, too, and it’s just as fun to pick them. There are so many delicious fall faves you can make with apples, like apple pies, apple cider, apple crumble, and apple fritters. Your apple picking adventure with your sis can easily transition into a fun baking party later on.

3. Go On A Haunted Hayride

Halloween is right around the corner, so you and your sister can get your spook on by going on a haunted hayride. You’ll feel a little bit more comforted when you guys have each other to hold onto. It’ll be scary at first, but then you’ll spend the rest of the night laughing at how your sister jumped five feet in the air screaming.

4. Head Over To A Petting Zoo

Patryk Sobczak/Unsplash

Farms and fall go hand-in-hand, which is why you and your sister should find a petting zoo to visit. Spend the afternoon snacking onapple cider doughnuts and petting cute animals. You can also play my favorite game: Which sister can get the best selfie with a farm animal.

5. Go To A Carnival

You and your sis should find a local carnival for a fall hang. You can spend the day eating cotton candy, riding the Ferris wheel, and laughing at how horribly you both play carnival games.

6. Carve Pumpkins

Beth Teutschmann/Unsplash

Everyone always raves about Pumpkin Spice Lattes and pumpkin picking, but the bestpumpkin activity is actually carving one. Plan a sister date of carving your pumpkins. Pick fun characters from your favorite childhood cartoons, or the go-to jack-o-lantern face. Follow the hang with baking the seeds you carve out and eating them during a picnic in the park.

7. Go On A Scenic Hike

Nothing is more beautiful than the leaves changing colors. Now’s the perfect time to go outside and enjoy it. Nature and weather make fall a perfect time for you and your sister to go on a hike. You could even turn your outdoor adventure into a fall foliage Instagram photo session.

8. Visit A Brewery

A brewery is always a fun time with your sister, but fall is an especially great timebecause Oktoberfest beers are ready for tasting. You can try out all of the signature beers, but also any of the fun fall ones like a pumpkin beer or an oatmeal stout.

9. Watch In A Blanket Fort


My sister and I used to watch all the time when we were kids. I feel like it’s a staple of everyone’s childhood. It gets you in the mood for the spooky season. You and your sister can act like kids again by building a blanket fort, popping some popcorn, watching the fall classicand fighting over which Sanderson sister you are.

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‘Burning Man for the 1%’: the desert party for the tech elite, with Eric Schmidt in a top hat

Further Future is the tech-centric, unapologetically luxurious alternative to Burning Man, complete with personal assistants, spa treatments and fine dining

A red Ferrari with the top down swerved past on the winding dirt road, headingto what looked like a small Mars encampment. Helicopters landed on the side of the road and greeters darted across. At a farmers market with overflowing baskets full of raspberries, watermelons, and focaccia, I asked for a mango, and the farmer started cutting it in half for me: Thatll be $7.

This weekend, outside Las Vegas, a group of Burning Man veterans put on a festival called Further Future, now in its second year. Across 49 acres of Native American land over three days, with around 5,000 attendees, the event was the epitome of a new trend of so-called transformational festivals that are drawing technologists for whats billed as a mix of fun and education. While tickets started at $350, many attendees opted for upgrades to fully staffed accommodation and fine dining.

While Burning Mans hidden luxury camps on the edge of town are criticized by old time Burners who value labor on the desert, Further Future is a splinter group thats unapologetic about wanting a good, hard-labor-free time. Unabashed luxury, the website reads. Burners are judged for using Wi-Fi or having private chefs; Further Future advertises its connectivity and personal festival assistant service. Nobu hosted a $250-a-seat dinner on the first night of the festival. Partiers included Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Alphabet; Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman; and top Facebook executive Stan Chudnovsky.

Further Future festival: Were shaping the future. Photograph: Tomas Loewy for the Guardian

Its the Burning Man 1%, said Charles, a documentary filmmaker with spikes pierced through his ears and a brainwave meditation startup. Its curated.

Eric Schmidt was backstage leaning against a tower of pallets and wearing an ornate top hat and a vest made of mirrors. He said he was at Further Future mostly because these were his friends.

Its well documented that I go to Burning Man. The futures driven by people with an alternative world view. You never know where youll find ideas.

This was the cream of the Burning Man crop, he said.

This is a high percentage of San Francisco entrepreneurs, and they tend to be winners. Its a curated, self-selected group of adults who have jobs, Schmidt said. You can tell by the percentage of trailers.

Did they provide the costume for him?

My own, of course. What do you think of it? he pressed the glass panels and smiled.

Top of the crop: Eric Schmidt in his party hat. Photograph: Tomas Loewy for the Guardian

Party planners at Burning Man are careful to hide their luxury dwellings behind large walls dressed as art projects, but Further Future had no such pretension. Behind a chain-link fence was the VIP neighborhood with airstreams ($5,000) and Lunar Palaces ($7,500) 200 sq ft, 9ft high, custom-made luxury domes with wooden flooring and furnished to sleep four. These included something called an entourage concierge a personal, dedicated lifestyle manager and assistant ready to help you with any requirements or desires you may have. No request is ever unattainable. The lifestyle assistant, who makes sure you have the soap you like, will work with you on everything from the green juice you enjoy every morning to the old-fashioned cocktail you sip on in the evenings.

In a shipping container converted to control room, I found Russell Ward, the general show runner and publicist whos the mastermind behind the most popular transformational festivals.

This is top-league networking and business folks are all here in the guise of having fun. Its designed around the music, but its about the business, Ward said. A ton of business will get done here. Entrepreneurs will get funded, investors will find their trajectories, service companies will meet and mix it up.

Before running the tech worlds hot new trend, Ward had an online gaming hedge fund. The problem was it got hairy. Its a dodgy industry, he said. We werent doing anything illegal, but we got raided by the government, and I got spooked. So I had to decide where to plant my next seed, and I found this knack for festivals.

The aesthetic of the festival was steampunk futurism (latex underwear, fur coats, platform boots, metal headpieces). Ward was wearing a Hawaiian tank top, clear Gucci sunglasses, and a silver-coated bobcat claw on a chain.

Burning Man, and we have great reverence for Burning Man, but theres always an element of arduousness. Here, we have spa treatments and green juice, he said. Theres already enough in life thats tough.

Further Future is only one of several transformations Ward runs, and they all overlap somewhat, especially MaiTai, the billionaire kiteboarding community centered around Virgin founder Richard Bransons island. Kiteboarding is the new golf, Ward said. Everyones doing it. Branson, Elon, Sergey.

Justin Shaffer, an early Facebook employee and now an investor, says he wants Further Future to answer a new set of questions: What happens post-capitalism? Even post-democracy? What about post-employment, when we have universal basic income?

Physical proximity will become more important in a world where the first time you see the pyramids is in VR.

Keeping fit at Further Future. Photograph: Tomas Loewy for the Guardian

In the Wellness Tent, theres a fitness class with people jumping up and down in unison. Nearby, one woman advertises psychiatric services as tools and technology broken down for busy professionals. Another advertises smudgie aura cleansing. To the side of the main wellness stage, a man is getting a transfusion in his arm from a bright yellow bag of fluid (a liter of saline and vitamins called Push IV). The patient reclines, half asleep, until someone accidentally knocks the bag over, jolting the needle in his arm.

An espresso line stretches 45 minutes long for lavender lattes.

During a wellness panel on Adventure Travel: Journey As Wellness, someone asks the instructor Fabian Piorkowski about privilege.

Were so privileged to come to these spiritual places Further Future, Tulum but not everyone can, the audience member says, asking Piorkowski how he should reconcile that.

Its all about balance. We are the ones meant to be the air, not the earth, Piorkowski said. So you have this group who can travel. The purpose can never be to enable everyone to travel because that would create imbalance.

On stage, entrepreneur Loc Le Meur is wearing a whole fox as a headpiece and interviewing Schmidt, who answers questions about blockchain (hes for it), eugenics (hes opposed), and cellphones (hes worried about addiction). Schmidt is beloved.

The woman behind me shouts that he should run for president. Someone else says: Marry me, Eric. It was his birthday just a couple of days before, and everyone sings Happy Birthday. At dinner that night, everyone gets a slice of birthday cake.

Entrepreneur Loc Le Meur on stage with fellow entrepreneur Gary Mueller. Photograph: Tomas Loewy for the Guardian

Schmidt sat on the floor, smiling, his eyes almost closed. The dinner party included a beer tasting, and the bartender was frustrated because the foie gras torchon was too fatty for a proper beer pairing. Schmidt and his pack headed out into the night.

Robert Scott, the 42-year-old cofounder of the festival, said you dont need to sweat to have an epiphany.

Theres a lot of ways to find an epiphany. Being in the desert under hard conditions is one way to bring yourself into a receptive state, I suppose, but here, all these things are putting you in the same place gently, he said.

We sat at a table after a rainstorm, his shaggy brown hair disheveled.

Its important what we do here, Scott said. Thats what we keep saying. Were shaping the future. These are the people who not only can do it, but these are the only people who can.

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Two Buildings Were Having an All-Out Post-It War Until This Happened

It all began with a simple “hi” (6th floor, 3 windows from the left). An employee at Harrison and Star at 75 Varick Street in New York city put up the innocent greeting, not knowing if anyone would respond.

Photograph by Paul Vinod (@Vinvox)

Shortly thereafter a “Sup” appeared from the building across the street at 200 Hudson.

Both buildings in the Tribeca neighborhood boast a number of marketing and media agencies as their tenants and it didn’t take long for everyone to get in on the action.

Photograph by u/craftBK

Photograph by u/craftBK

Photograph by u/craftBK

Photograph by u/craftBK

Photograph by u/craftBK

Photograph via AdWeek

Photograph via New York Post

Horizon Media, Cake Group, Biolumina, Harrison and Star, Getty Images and Heartbeat Ideas all got in on the action. The agencies of 200 Hudson and 75 Varick were in an all out war. Even the Post-It manufacturer, 3M, got involved; supplying free Post-It notes for both buildings.

And then one night, under the cover or darkness, Havas Worldwide ended the battle in one fell swoop.

Photograph by u/FUNKYDISCO

According to the building supervisor for Havas Worldwide, a few of the company’s graphic designers rendered the building and laid out exactly how the giant “mic drop” should be placed in each window pane.

Then a group of co-workers stayed late one night with beer and pizza and executed the design floor by floor. Sadly, the building managers were not as impressed and have ordered a ceasefire and told all participants to have everything taken down by this weekend.

Photograph by u/craftBK

Photograph by u/craftBK

Photograph by u/FUNKYDISCO

from All Of Beer http://allofbeer.com/2017/10/18/two-buildings-were-having-an-all-out-post-it-war-until-this-happened/
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